Five Songs

Last week was great and Saturday was rewarding in all possible senses: we launched a line of workshops, starting with how to make a zine under the guidance of our more than capable friends at ReKult, only to find ourselves spinning around Somewhere Else later in the night under the custody of 1080p label reps and Luc Mast & Arif Malawi. Yesterday was spent giving thanks to the Canadian label that had us dancing through the previous night. On another note, the playlist below follows a completely different aural direction, and it’s just as pleasant.

1. Michael Stasis – Crushed

Michael Stasis secured a spot in our hearts forevermore with his capricious debut RIP III, released on Arbutus in early August. The video he directed featuring his parents only adds to our Stasis fandom.

2. Self Defense Family – It’s Best We Address It

Self Defense Family are releasing a hand-picked selection of tracks from their lengthy selection shaped as SDF and End of a Year. Complimentary with a zine, German Industrial Ballads will be released on Cassette Store Day. The beautiful track below is heavy-hearted serenity all the way up until dissolving by means of an intangible fuzz.

3. Tasseomancy – Braid. Wind is Coming

The video became particularly personal for all parties as Blake Macfarlane fell ill with Leukemia shortly after beginning to work on this Tasseomancy video. The result is that of a harmonious collaboration and friendship – no one wants to be alone.

4. Braids – Taste

From Braid to Braids. In fact, Tasseomancy and Braids are presently on a month long tour together in the U.S., after which Braids is heading our way. Great news for all the Braids lovers; they’re doing a little NL tour with three dates covering the cities of Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

5. Lushes – Bleach

Brooklyn rock duo released their debut What Am I Doing on the L.A.-based Felte label last March and have now shared their second album for full stream on Soundcloud. Service Industry fluctuates between suspense vs. dispense that makes for a delightful piece of post-rock. Here’s a little taste.