Oscillations Psychedelic Encounters

2×2 tickets to Oscillations
3 October – Sugarfactory, Amsterdam

Following the first edition in Ekko and the Eindhoven Psych Fest, Oscillations has now weaved it’s psychedelic thread up to Amsterdam, producing a kaleidoscopic triple bill. ‘Psychedelic Encounters’ include: Soft Walls, the solo project of Brighton’s Dan Reeves, infusing drops of krautrock with psychedelia and shoegaze tones. French underground scenester Forever Pavot’s music sounds as though it’s been created in a dreamy, timeless vacuum, and Eindhoven’s three-piece instrumental rockers Radar Men From the Moon provide a Dutch dash of experimental psychedelia into the Oscillations mix. For more detailed information visit here.

Send us an e-mail at by September 29th with the heading ‘OSCILLATIONS’ to win a pair of tickets to the festival.