Jacco Gardner – Cabinet Of Curiosities

Jacco Gardner – Cabinet of Curiosities (Trouble in Mind)

Jacco Gardner is a multi-instrumentalist who weaves together harpsichord, strings, flutes and other classical instruments to produce psychedelic pop reminiscent of’ ’60s legends like the Zombies. Appropriate, in a way, since it seems like it’s been 50 years since a Dutch artist has received so much international attention. Though he’s been known to don a Mad Hatter hat, listening to his debut album, Cabinet of Curiosities, is more like taking a trip down a wormhole than a rabbit hole. Recorded on authentic ’60s analogue gear with Jan Audier, who worked with original Dutch psych bands like Golden Earring(s), everything about the album is firmly fixed in a bygone era. Though this doesn’t make for the most original listen, the exquisite execution does yield some highly palatable paisley pop.

by Carly Blair