TodaysArt for New Members

5×2 Passe Partout, 24-27 September @ The Pier, Scheveningen

Ever since dawning on the creative scene, TodaysArt has brought artist, thinkers and audiences to The Hague. Join us now and you will receive a pair of passe partout tickets for yourself and a friend to the eleventh edition of TodaysArt.

TodaysArt laid its cultural eggs in a basket that is The Hague in 2005, which hatched into a creative festival of international visual and performing arts. Each year the festival adjusts the footing of the city to a setting that accommodates local and foreign visions within the city’s cultural and public spaces. This year’s venue is exceptional; TodaysArt is opening up a new location for cultural programming at The Pier in Scheveningen.

Some of this years cutting-edge talents include works by the audiovisual meditation exploring NOQTURNL, Children of the Light, and Lisa Park. Other acts include the likes of Lorenzo Senni, Lotic, Rrose, Prefuse 73, Regis and DJ Nigga Fox. To refrain from even a minute chance of boredom, this year TodaysArt is hosting the world premiere of 4DSOUND ‘Circadian’ at de Electriciteitsfabriek, which you can read more about here. Devoted to music, people and art as we are, we’re giving new members the gift of a pair of passe partout tickets to the extended weekend at The Pier.

To win, become a Subbacultcha member and join us here. We’ve only got 5 to give out so be fast.

For more detailed information on TodaysArt, check here.