Festival Focus

Todaysart Festival

Marking its tenth anniversary, TodaysArt’s organisers are moving the festival from the centre of The Hague into the poetic scenery of the seaside. But don’t worry: it’s still a heady, nerdy environment where you’ll be challenged, technology will be pushed to its limits and you might end up a little bruised. Just with an ocean view.

25-28 September – Zuiderstrandtheater, Scheveningen
Moon Wheel
Berlin Current presents Moon Wheel, the independent project of Swedish artist Olle Holmberg, whose second full-length will be released on Not Not Fun later this year. His live performance is an improvisational experiment of creation as a process of discovery, and promises to be hallucinatory.


Ben Frost
If Ben Frost is there, we’re going to talk about him. The dark grandeur that is his A U R O R A is a great live experience. It’s encompassing, it’s haunting, it hurts your ears in a good way; it’s beautiful.


Zoro Feigl
There’s a lot of Dutch art at the festival this year, including the moving installations of Zoro Feigl. His dancing and twisting materials entangle the viewer and, without beginning or end, seem to be locked into themselves.


Marnix de Nijs
De Nijs’ work explores how contemporary technological culture acts upon our senses and continuously shapes our modes of perception. His work thrives on the creative possibilities offered by new media, while critically examining their impact on society and perception.


Matthijs Munnik
With his site-specific works, Munnik researches all kinds of colour combinations, patterns and rhythms to create spectacular visual effects. He develops performances and installations that can’t really be described, but have to be experienced.


For more information, go to www.todaysart.nl