Destruction Unit – If Death Ever Slept

If there is one thing we and the men of Destruction Unit agree on, is that music is at its best when it’s loud and painful. Don’t oppress your ears baby.

unit destruction
Photo by Kaleb Marshall

Rumor has it Destruction Unit sacrificed their ears to make this album as loud of a statement as possible. So are you ready and willing to receive their message in all of its gut-wrenching intensity? We can appreciate their uncompromising attitude towards volume, but they certainly don’t make it easy for themselves.

The record Negative Feedback Resistor is set for release on Sacred Bones Records in September, and judging by first track If Death Ever Slept, the band has, if physically possible, become even louder. The swirling vocals kind of remind us of The Ukiah Drag’s latest efforts, which was not so coincidentally produced by the same Ben Greenberg that mixed this D. Unit record. Just goes to show that basically everything Greenberg touches turns into solid gold, in our humble opinion. So if you’re reading this Ben, please keep touching things.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure (?) of seeing Destruction Unit live, you know that now you cannot live without it. This is what your life needs. More Destruction Unit. It’s resistance through sheer volume. Get with it.

Notable collaborations on this record are with Alex Zhang Hungtai (of Dirty Filthy Beaches and the Last Lost Lizard), Loke Rahbek (the king of Copenhagen and probably the rest of the world soon), and Jesse Motherfucking Sanes.