Destruction Unit

17 October

With the drug-fuelled drag race that is their new album, Deep Trip, Destruction Unite lock in on their most effectively caustic configuration yet. The blaring noise punks are supported by Utrecht locals Shuriken and the Traumahelikopter dj-team.

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There’s a lot about living in Arizona that can make you feel hopeless, from the sprawling, mostly homogeneous architectural and cultural landscape to the oppressive heat, but Tempe’s Ascetic House collective has emerged as a sort of creative oasis in the desert. Destruction Unit, one of the many bands affiliated with the label/publishing house, started back in 2000 when mastermind Ryan Rousseau briefly moved to Memphis, where he met and quickly started collaborating with none other than Jay Reatard. Rousseau played with the Reatards before starting Destruction Unit, a noise-punk project whose lineup featured Jay on their first two albums. Eventually Rousseau headed back to Phoenix to re-form the band with a more psych-oriented sound. About a year ago the band’s lineup locked into its most effectively caustic configuration yet, as demonstrated on the drug-fuelled drag race that is their new album, Deep Trip.


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