Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary – The Female Form (Preview)

Copenhagen superstars Loke Rahbek and Puce Mary join forces on their new record The Female Form, out on Posh Isolation, where else.

The Female Form is the second collaborative record between two of Copenhagen’s most prolific experimental music personas. Thematically the record deals with intimacy and the (im)possible relation of the sexes, walking a path in between industrial, drone and electro acoustic music. The room is still closed, the doors are shut and windows covered, whatever insight the listener is granted is the kind of insight you get peeping through the keyhole or the crack between the curtains. Every motion is obscured and the outcome uncertain. Still, the seven pieces that form ’The Female Form’ is a demanding and intriguing venture into the two artists’ world, even if we are left at the doorstep with the door closed in front of us.