Festival Focus


It’s not easy to underestimate the International Film Festival Rotterdam, with its countless film premieres, not to mention the special screenings, Q&As, art, music and much, much more. Here’s our humble festival guide.

21 January – 1 February | different venues in Rotterdam



Thekla Reuten and surfing champion Fettah Lamara star in Dutch drama Atlantic. A young Moroccan fisherman leaves his small village, a hip destination for young tourists, to discover Europe by surfboard.




Dos Disparos

Argentine drama Dos Disparos tells the story of teen Mariano who finds a gun and absent-mindedly shoots himself. But he survives and now he has his friends and family to deal with.





Mia Hansen-Løve is one of today’s most distinct voices in European cinema. In Eden she portrays the French dance scene of the Nineties, featuring the likes of Daft Punk and Cassius.





Teen Marieme feels trapped. Her poor grades keep her from a quality education and her older brother is always on her back. But then she falls in with a gang of street smart girls, making her feel free for the first time in her life.




The Tribe

Sergey and Anna meet in a boarding school for the deaf. Sergey is the new kid, finding his way in the school’s criminal network. Anna is one of the girls he’s supposed to pimp.




Toto and His Sisters

While waiting for their mother to get out of prison, three Roma siblings run the household themselves. In doing so, they’re forced to grow up fast in a world of poverty and drugs.




Los Hongos

Ras and Calvin roam the streets of Colombian city Cali on their bike and skateboard. Their lives are tough but filled with graffiti art and daydreaming.



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