Odonis Odonis


Toronto-based trio Odonis Odonis are not lacking in wide reference points, thier knowing, hyphenated rock spanning industrial-, surf- and noise- without breaking a sweat. We got in touch these Buzz Records ‘industrial postgaze’ masterminds and got them to share their eclectic expertise of the best upcoming Toronto acts. Echoing their own hybridity, this playlist fluctuates between dreamy guitar strums, mesmerising psychedelica and raw post-punk.


1. HUREN live at Berlin

Huren is my favourite performer in the city at the moment. If you hunger for inanimate object abuse, masturbation and heavy beats then give this guy a call. If you have any friends with a mental illness and or drug problem you should bring them too. The combined atmosphere is quite a ride. 



2. STÜKA – Disappear Here

NEW band. Recently met these guys, they are from Guelph. They actually put on a lot of great shows there but also make some sick harsh drone shit. Hangover jams for the maladjusted. I am pretty excited to see these guys grow.


3. Soupcans – Parasite Brain

You can’t really talk about Toronto without mentioning these heroes of junk punk. They are a staple and for good reason. It’s like the band is a giant dirty mouth, and each song is the mouth chewing a different thing that you probably should never put in a mouth.



4. Anamai – Mute Flames

Anamai has made folk music interesting to me again. She takes come traditional and adds a dark, ethereal twist to it. Depressing but uplifting. Real and beautiful. Definitely a cassette worth picking up. 



5. Moonwood – Trans Martian Disko

Moonwood does psychedelica and kraut justice. We picked up a tape of his from pleasance records and it quickly became a go-to while in the van on tour. I think all of their records sync up to The Wizard of Oz.


6. Weaves – Hulahoop

Serious buds, they have been able to take on pop music in a way challenges conventional instrumentation. They stretch and mold their music like a blow torch to play-doh. Almost like a telitubby with a crack habit, but not quite. 



7. HSY – Cyber Bully

The most apathetic band in my life. HSY is a sludgepot stew of my favourite bands. It’s like they chopped off Albini’s ear and melted it onto a section 25 record and then melted that onto Ian curtis’ Paperback bio only to be placed on the side of the street for free.



These guys/gals are also new in Toronto. Jangle punk with a seemingly celebratory keyboard riff always in tow. Live, they are one of the most fun bands in recent memory. Silly string, bad jokes, carelessness, semi-nudity. I’ll take it. 



9. Muuy Biien – Human Error

They guys aren’t from Toronto but I have been listening to their new record a bunch and I really dig it. I met them in Athens, played a show with them there and in Atlanta. They move from hardcore to post-punk seamlessly. I also remember talking to them about how they like to punch each other, so that’s something right???

Odonis Odonis play OT301, Amsterdam on 28 May. The show is free for members.