Peepholes – The Overspill

Peepholes – The Overspill (Upset the Rhythm)

Peepholes are a Brighton duo featuring primal percussion and androgynous vocals from Katia Barrett and vintage-sounding synths and keyboards from Nick Carlisle. Much like their titular peephole, their music borders the familiar world of dance music and the more mysterious world of underground punk and experimentalism. Following a series of well-received EPs, The Overspill marks their full-length debut. The initial song skeletons were improvised and recorded in two days, then extensively edited and embellished. While the resulting labour of love is by no means modern-sounding, its various idiosyncratic touches (especially the marimba and panpipe Fairlight synth samples) and dark atmospherics give it a distinctive and effectively dystopian disposition.

by Carly Blair