Lust For Youth – Growing Seeds

Lust For Youth – Growing Seeds (Sacred Bones)

Gothenburg’s Hannes Norrvide makes lo-fi synth pop as Lust For Youth. He released his first four songs on Copenhagen label Posh Isolation, then relocated to Copenhagen and teamed up with Loke Rahbek of Vår as collaborator. Since its original release on Avant! this spring, Growing Seeds has been reworked and now re-released by Sacred Bones, who will also put out LFY’s follow-up next year. While ’80s-influences and the various -wave subgenres are far too fashionable lately, I have to give Lust for Youth credit for repeatedly driving me to the brink of pressing fast-forward with the almost maddening simplicity of their rhythms, then causing me to retract my finger with some incredibly catchy hook, proving they have it in them to transcend the banality of their influences.

by Carly Blair