The Wrapping Paper Project


Unconventional wrapping paper designed by six local artists. The Wrapping Paper Project is an art publication designed by Els & Nel, Father Futureback, Hugo Rocci, Jip Piet, Lennard Kok, and Mieke Fokkinga and made by Subbacultcha!. Printed on newsprint paper, the six illustrated sheets can be unfolded and readily used as wrapping paper. It’s a whimsical way of restoring art to its rightful place: the exciting part of your day.

This was our gift for the winter holidays in 2014, but it’s handy to have all year round. So stock up!

Published by Subbacultcha!
Curated by Floor Kortman
Designed by Marina Henao
Printed at Rodi Media
Dimensions: 6 double-sided illustrated sheets, 29 x 21 cm
December 2014

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