The Void – Issue 4


Did you know, according to quantum physics, all things are composed mostly of nothingness? In our most intimate recesses – between protons and electrons – there’s just empty space. The Void in us all.

Reaching across this commonality, we’ve found electrifying sparks in the dark. Music that queries convention; artists who make the illusory real. From Lyra Pramuk’s meditative performances that rocket towards a cyborbian future to Erika de Casier’s intimate reflections on life in the digital age. Relax with post-holiday musings from Meetsysteem and ponder repetition with Bendik Giske’s analogue dance music created through pulverising saxophone keys. This issue looks towards our distant horizons whilst delivering a love note to the present moment.

A special thank you to all who submitted their art following our latest Get Published call out. We were truly blown away by the incredible quality, depth and scale of the work. Choice cuts include a succulent story by film-maker Max Favetti and collages inspired by Void back-issues from artist Klara Bilic.

We’ll see you around, at our shows, or in The Void.

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