The Void – Issue 1


Welcome back to The Void. Our playground. Our canvas. Our everything. Which is nothing, really. In the grand scheme of things.

Inside you’ll find anything you need to know about beetroot tosti’s, robot animals and checking your ego at the door. On top of that, we’re getting a taste of NeoPerreo feminism, melancholic music from Moscow, DC hardcore and bedroom DJ’s from the Veluwe. There’s also plenty of information on all the upcoming Subbacultcha shows and a calendar filled with adventurous and romantic things to do in February and March.

The magic that sparks from creating this publication with the whole team, really lies in the intuitive and collaborative approach the team took to pulling this together. And more than ever, it stemmed from your presence at our shows and the works of art, poetry and digital creations you’ve dropped in our mailbox.

Together, we’ve blended perspectives and offered a platform to share new ones.