The Void – Issue 0

Welcome to The Void. This is the very first edition of our brand new broadsheet celebration of unruly art and music.

Freshly printed on 60 grams high quality newsprint paper. The latest (and possibly greatest) incarnation of Subbacultcha magazine. Made in close collaboration with our dedicated community of readers, members, artists, musicians, writers and photographers from all over the world. Published 6 times per year. Broadcasting live from the ever expanding universe of Subbacultcha. Where things get lost before you even knew you’d found them. Cause everything gets lost around here. And that’s OK. It’s the energy with which we seek that defines us. Moving swiftly. Grasping at thin air, like our lives depend on it. Listening to the music we love. Discovering art that challenges us. Voicing our opinions in the face of evil. Celebrating everything we hold dear.

And so we made the void. It is here and it is real. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Love from us at Subbacultcha