Sprout Issue 6 – Play

Issue 6 – Play

Published by Subbacultcha
In collaboration with San Serriffe

Approximate reading time: 43 minutes and 10 seconds

This issue of Sprout explores play.

When one plays, one enacts something or someone. Taking on a role, (temporarily?) woven in with all other presentations of the self, on all different stages, with all different props, of the everyday. Even if the scene was brief or in-jest, it can be preserved and consulted as an oracle. Playing is a transaction with oneself or with others, established in other realities. It’s collaborative conception, creation and learning. Did you know some schools use LARPing as an educational method?

For issue 6 of Sprout we asked some people what ‘play’ means to them. We thank them for putting their thoughts to paper.

in this issue of Sprout you will find

1. Cover Illustration by Amal Guichard
2. There have been days that they didn’t by Brechje Krah
3. An Interview with Isabella Lovestory by Val Dechev
4. Bungalow Song by Rosie Haward

Printed at Terry Bleu

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