Sprout Issue 2 – Sustain

Issue 2 – Sustain
May (but basically June), 2021

Approximate reading time: 43 minutes and 10 seconds

Published by Subbacultcha
In collaboration with San Serriffe
Financed by our loyal members, partners and friends – many thanks to you

This issue of Sprout explores sustain.

Press and hold the pedal and let all strings flutter freely. That is, until their vibrations naturally cease or when the pedal is released. Maintain an ongoing way and meet our needs without compromising the abilities of others and the future. Find new ways to meet your needs, or perhaps adjust them wholly? Cultivate, remain and preserve. Undergo, endure and suffer. Support, carry and assist.

For issue 2 of Sprout we invited some people who we admire to explore the way sustain rings to them. We thank them for their wonderful contributions and we hope you enjoy reading, observing and pondering over their thoughts.

in this issue of Sprout you will find

1. Cover Illustration by Loïc Vandam
2. SPIRAL SPORE by Georgia Rose Weaver Mathiason
3. An Interview with Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of Liturgy by Sydney van Nieuwaal
4. Lighter Than a Drone, Kinder Than a Ringing by Alec Mateo

Printed at Terry Bleu

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