Sprout Issue 12 – Linger

Issue 12 – Linger

Published by Subbacultcha
In collaboration with San Serriffe
Financed by our loyal members, partners and friends – many thanks to you

Approximate reading time: 39 minutes and 20 seconds.

This issue of Sprout explores linger.

“Remain, and be near death for a time”.

For issue 12 of Sprout we asked people how “linger” rings to them. We thank them for sharing their thoughts.

in this issue of Sprout you will find

1. Cover Illustration by Siyana Shishkova
2. Lava Linger No Longer by Olga Elliot
3. An Interview with KMRU by Sydney van Nieuwaal & Thierno Deme
4. New Skin For The Old Ceremony by Lucía Vives

Printed at Terry Bleu

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