Sprout Issue 1 – Environment

Issue 1 – Environment
April, 2021

Approximate reading time: 34 minutes and 18 seconds

Published by Subbacultcha
In collaboration with San Serriffe
Financed by our loyal members, many thanks to you

Sprout is a zine for some non-distract reading and fully-distract daydreaming. A pamphlet for the Sunday afternoon. Sprout will be issued monthly and will explore a particular theme. Each issue gives home to an illustration, an opinion piece, an interview and a story of fiction that will be curated by San Serriffe.

This issue of Sprout explores environment.

The environment is everything that is seen, felt and perceived. All circumstances surrounding one, or surrounding many concurrently. Everything but you, including you. A dwelling, a family or a crowd of (un)known. The fundamentals on which one stands. The dividers and apertures from and to other spheres. The restrictions that hinder perception and movement. The noise floor, the tape hiss. The over- and undertones. Rolling green meadows on which blossom and seeds travel delicately on the currents of our winds. Its serenity only to be disturbed by sharp tastes of sour, fed through the nostrils and a brown or yellow-ish celestial sphere fed through the eyes when staring at the zenith.

For issue 1 of Sprout we asked some people who inspire us to reflect on their notion of environment, with word and illustration as their vessel. We thank them for their thoughts, words and pencil strokes.

In this issue of Sprout you will find:
1. Cover Illustration by Late Bloomer (Josefina Anjou & Niklas Büscher)
2. Living in a World Wide Web by Georgie Sinclair & Jo Kali (plot twist)
3. An Interview with Countess Malaise by Dian Joy
4. The Noselessness of Man by Lucia Dove

Printed at Terry Bleu

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