Celebrating 10 Years of Subbacultcha Magazine – Newspaper

To celebrate 10 years of our magazine, we’re publishing works of some key figure from over the years; artists, writers, local talents and more. Join us at 10 Years of Losing Our Edge – Celebrating Subbacultcha Magazine on Friday, 14 September.

10 years of making magazines. Just imagine all the paper. All the trees. All the boxes and envelopes. The writers, photographers, artists. The editors. The graphic designers and interns. The distributors and the gasoline. The columns, the interviews, the photo essays and show announcements. The meetings, emails and phone calls. The hustling with agents, advertisers and printers. Quite the operation, for us to get our message out into the world. About the art and music that we love. Voicing the unheard. Promoting the unpromoted. Banging the drums of our unbridled enthusiasm for unruly creativity.

Did you receive our message? Was it loud and clear? Did it change your hearts and minds? Did it provide you with new insights? Something new to listen to? Did it challenge you, provoke you or annoy you? Or were you just enjoying the pictures, casually flipping through the pages while your friend was getting cocktails at the bar of De Nieuwe Anita? It doesn’t matter either way. As long as you were dipping your toes into the Subbacultcha universe. Cause it’s been quite the ride. And we were happy to have you with us.

As a celebration, we’ve made this publication. It’s a thoroughly subjective selection of everything we have ever printed. The process of making alone was cleansing. Like a spring cleaning that makes way for what’s next.

Cause the future will come, as always. But not before we embrace what’s behind us.

Love from us,