Yves Tumor + MU.

19 January - De School, Amsterdam
20.00 - €10 - Free for members

Mykki Blanco associate and a leading light on last year’s C-ORE compilation Yves Tumor is new album Serpent Music a few months back on PAN. He’s also made appearances on comps from buzz-worthy labels like NON and UNO, and Tumor would’ve been a ready -fit for Barron Machat’s groundbreaking label, had the Hippos in Tanks’ founder not suffered a fatal car crash. To give you a bit more of an idea, the sound of Yves Tumor is often coupled to HiT artists like James Ferraro and Dean Blunt. Just like Blunt, Tumor advocates baffling loops, soul music and noise-as-loofah.

Yves Tumor