YL Hooi, Silzedrek (Tarquin Manek) & PROPERTY

15 September - s105, Amsterdam
20.00 - €15 - Free for members

On Thursday, the 15th of September, we present a triple bill with YL Hooi, Silzedrek (Tarquin Manek) and Property.

YL Hooi’s music “oscillates between icy DIY minimalism, FX-drenched atmospherics and nang chamber dub.” Hooi has collaborated with the likes of Jonnine Standish (HTRK) and Jarrod Zlatic (Fabolous Diamonds). Just as Hooi, Silzedrek (the project of Tarquin Manek) is a member of Kallista Kult. Silzedrek builds enchanted sonics through folk, dub and dream pop and rewards the attentive listener who steps into those realms. “The details are so detailed and calling to be heard multiple times for an exercise in a choose your own story-song.” PROPERTY is the joint project of Marijn Degenaar (Circular Ruins) and Vivant de Non. “Concerned with hydromancy, drowned mythologies and drunken river gods, their music emerges as a sunken form of post-punk, wrapped in world’s end ambience.” Hymns, liminal spaces, mysticism and some haunting feeling that seeps through the walls of the s105.

Tickets are free for Subbacultcha members and €15,- for non-members. Please make a reservation by sending an email to with ‘YL Hooi’ in the subject line + your name in the email. Tickets can be purchased here. We update the RSVP list every Wednesday.

YL Hooi