UNFAMILIARITIES, PT. 2 (Postponed, Date TBA)

28 March - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - Donation - Free for members

Due to the current health situation in The Netherlands all our events until the 6th of April are being discontinued as a precautionary measure, until further notice. We’re as sad as you are and we’re trying our damn best to reschedule the postponed concerts and events! We’ll reach out to you with more news ASAP. All purchased tickets will remain valid for the events on new dates. If you’re unable to make it or want to have your ticket reimbursed, please send an email to

UNFAMILIARITIES is a space for artists of various disciplines to present their work in progress and to create a conversation subsequently. The project finds its genesis in the desire to design a space, where fragile, unfinished, and perhaps unfunded works can be witnessed and nourished.

Application deadline: 25 February
Apply be sending an email to with ‘Unfamiliarities’ in the subject line.

We aim to offer opportunities for artists and to stimulate their artistic processes by means of exchange. UNFAMILIARITIES can be a potential meeting space, supporting artists’ work process in addition to the institutional, educational or academic contexts. Each session hosts a maximum of 4 artists + an audience that can stimulate the creation process of the presented works by engaging into conversation. Invite your network to attend the event! Professionals, amateurs and everyone that’s curious.

Each contributing artist has the possibility to work in the space for 5 hours over the course of 2 days. The preparation will be kicked off with a meeting, where we’ll go through the basic needs of the work so it can be hosted and taken care of as good as possible.

As the event is run voluntarily, without any funding, budget or payment, we won’t be able to pay you an artist fee. What we offer is a free space to show your work, a free space to see others’ work, basis technical equipment, help in setting up, documentation, feedback and conversation.

28 March

s105 (De School)
Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1
1056 AB Amsterdam

Build up + rehearsal:
26 March

Technial information:
The space can be used in different ways, as an exhibition space, a performance space, for concerts or whatever you think, it will suit for. Please check the attached pictures and contact us for specific questions. See photos of the space below. 

Application details:
Please send us one DIN A4 pdf including:

  • A short CV + your contact details
  • A Short description of what you want to present at UNFAMILIARITIES
  • The technical demands of the work
  • If you would want to receive feedback + in what kind of way
  • Any video links or pictures of the work (the more we know the better!)
  • The length of the presentation, the build up time + the spatial dimensions of work (for installations i.e.)
  • If you’ll need transportation

To apply, please send an email to with ‘Unfamiliarities’ in the subject line. Deadline: 25 February.