UNFAMILIARITIES, Pt. 2 – Postponed

27 September - s105, Amsterdam
17.00 - €9 for non members - Free for members

This event is postponed until a yet to be found date. More news soon.

UNFAMILIARITIES is a space for artists of various disciplines to present their work in progress and to create a conversation subsequently. The project finds its genesis in the desire to design a space, where fragile, unfinished, and perhaps unfunded works can be witnessed and nourished.

We aim to offer opportunities for artists and to stimulate their artistic processes by means of exchange. UNFAMILIARITIES can be a potential meeting space, supporting artists’ work process in addition to the institutional, educational or academic contexts. Each session hosts a maximum of 4 artists + an audience that can stimulate the creation process of the presented works by engaging into conversation.

Purchase a ticket here. Members, to secure a spot, please make a reservation by writing us a mail with UNFAMILIARITIES in the subject line:

The selected artists for UNFAMILIARITIES, Pt. 2 are:

Ivan Cheng

In this study, Ivan Cheng trials new solo performance material, with the intent to focus on his screaming practice as well as playing feedback while organizing the body. This ‘choreographic’ intention is investigating whether he can move beyond his conception of being corpse-like/singular in his current performance practice, wondering if it’s worthwhile to be polyphonic/agentic rather than a loaded channel.


SonOfMom was formed in 2016 as an experiment of two friends exploring the politics of social power structures that inform the body. The experiment led to the expansion of the project and the creation of the identity of SonOfMom which aims to project the voice of artists we favor. Hosting and DJ’ing as an artistic practice are the foundations that define the mentality of their art creation whilst trying to speak through different languages using cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.

Sijing Zhang

Sijing Zhang is a designer, who approaches design as a process. She grew up in Sichuan (CN) and is based in Utrecht (NL). Her practices range from graphic to interactive design. Sijing is co-running a studio called Motion Solver with a focus on visual storytelling.

Áron Birtalan

Áron Birtalan is an artist, teacher, and researcher who makes games, rituals, unusual gatherings and educational initiatives. Working together with players and their imagination as an artistic medium, he facilitates playful social experiences called Transformation Games. Through his work, Áron encourages people to tap into creative territory where make-believe, art, and magic mingle.

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