The Finger Rub Rug

3 Jul - 17 Jul - iso, Amsterdam
16.00 - Free for members

For the past few months iso has been accompanying the artist Laura A Dima on the creative process of an ambitious artwork: The Finger Rub Rug. The tangible artwork is crafted of 1300 exact, silicon replicas of her partner’s fingers, exploring concepts of touch and intimacy, broadly but very directly. This rug will be displayed in an isolated room where visitors will be invited to interact one-by-one, behind closed doors.

Can a single silicone finger replicate a single human one? Are they preferable to the real thing or doesn’t it quite do the job? What does it bring to mind to interact with over a thousand of them? Feel, fiddle and touch. You’re invited and encouraged to get intimate with the work: “reach out, grasp one, don’t be shy.”

Up to 100 persons are admitted in the spacious warehouse of iso. In order to keep the rules please sign up for the opening here!

With the support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK).