Sonic Acts Biennal 2022

Breathtune w/ Kali Malone, Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton ao

16 October - Singelkerk, Amsterdam
20.00 - €10

The Sonic Acts Symposium weekend Leaving Traces, end with a series of concerts titled Breathtune: “an evening of concerts that focus on deep listening and nonlinear performance. The programme curated for Singelkerk, titled Breathtune, stretches the idea of the contemporary by (literally) breathing new life into silenced or forgotten sound practices – from voice to flute to organ pipes.” Scroll through the stunning line-up below.

After two long years Sonic Acts has returned in an expanded form: Sonic Acts Biennale. From the 30th of September to the 23rd of October, Sonic Acts “advances experimentation and provides a podium for dynamic perspectives, which can in turn be tools for discovery, growth, development, and emancipation.” On the program we find a club night: Flashing Horizons, an exhibition: one sun after another, a three-day sound art programme: Inner Ear(th) and a symposium: Leaving Traces – all are accompanied by installations, workshops  and artist presentations. Subbacultcha members can attend selected parts of the program for free, which one can find here.

For this event there are limited free tickets for Subbacultcha members. However, all member spots are currently taken. Tickets can still be purchased here

Kali Malone, Stephen O’Malley & Lucy Railton – Does Spring Hide Its Joy

Breathtune closes with Kali Malone’s new immersive work, Does Spring Hide Its Joy, created for a trio of cello, sine waves and electric guitar performed by Stephen O’Malley, artist most notably known from Sunn O))), and Lucy Railton, British cellist and co-founder of the London Contemporary Music Festival. The piece is a study in deep listening and nonlinear durational performance with a focus on non-traditional tuning and beating interference patterns.

Bloedneus en de Snuitkever

Lukas De Clerck, performing as Bloedneus en de Snuitkever, produces acoustic drone music with his own version of the 2000-year-old Greek aulos, a double-reeded double pipe.

Aine O’Dwyer

Irish experimental sound artist Aine O’Dwyer presents a site specific performance based on her album Music for Church Cleaners – which will be performed in the church, on their organs.

Ale Hop and Tatiana Heuman

Inspired by South American traditional and ancient artifacts and performing with self-made instruments, Ale Hop and Tatiana Heuman premiere their live performance entitled Near and Remote Memory Activation Practices. They focus on exploring the timbral qualities of the elements (clay, water, wood, etc.), the textures that evoke soundscapes, the cosmovision inscribed in the artefacts, and the interplay of technology and embodiment as means of improvisation.