Soho Rezanejad + Kid Fourteen

7 July - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
22.00 - €8 - Free for members

We wouldn’t do Soho Rezanejad enough justice if we simply said that the mystical universe she builds keeps eternally haunting us.

The Copenhagen-based musician’s enchanting electronic tunes with darkwave and synthpop undertones compliment her salient vocals, producing an effect that’s moving, to say the least. Fully unpack your bags of limitations for this one; the journey Soho Rezanejad takes you on is liberating yet thoroughly challenging. Her debut album Six Archetypes is a sincere exploratory passage through the rocky and uncomfortable roads of identity, freedom and transformation, with her standing for pure expression and a self that rejects all constraints. The night won’t be enough, however, without an injection of intense musical sensations directly from the heart of Beirut. That’s why we’ve got Kid Fourteen – Lebanon’s innovator in the punk and noise-pop scene – to raise our energy to its highest.

Soho Rezanejad

Kid Fourteen