Slug Chamber

29 Sep - 3 Oct - Dansmakers, Amsterdam
20:30 - €18 - Free for members

Stina Fors, who never ceases to surprise and amaze us, has invited three performance artists to host Slug Chamber; a four-day event at Dansmakers, featuring choreographers Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Ria Higler, Veza Fernández and Stina herself, who study the relationship between voice and body. The performance proposes a new way of coming together, in a theater, to express, move, and excite. This open project welcomes the unstable and ephemeral reality of performance art as something that is never finished or rather is perpetually formed through the live event and beyond.

Subbacultcha members can purchase a free ticket here, with a code they received in their e-mail. One ticket per person please!