Postponed: Simmer with Zaffjan, Karin Iturralde & Avoidstreet

23 October - s105, Amsterdam
17:00 - €25 for non members / €15 for members

We’re very sad and sorry to tell you that due to the new measurements + guidelines of the Dutch government, we’re going to have to cancel the upcoming edition of Simmer.

We invite you to Simmer: a night where we’ll be enjoying art performances by Zaffjan and Karin Iturralde accompanied by a candle-lit dinner cooked by Nichi and Roby.

The safety and health of our community is at the top of our priorities right now. We’re using our space with the objective of bringing people together under the same roof, where a safe environment is reassured as much as possible. Our hope is to foster a place that aims to be comfortable, safe, yet ever-changing and evolving alongside our events. Please visit and read this page before attending our events.

Dinner + show tickets are €15 for Subbacultcha members and €25 for non members. All tickets online are €15, so please show your membership card at the door or pay €10 extra. Become a Subbacultcha member here.

If you have any questions, critiques, remarks or suggestions, please reach out to us via mailinglist@subbacultcha.nl or a direct message.



Eduardo founded Avoidstreet, a fashion label that uses second hand apparel to create ’streetcouture’. Relying on strategies such as appropriation, sampling and captions Avoidstreet comments on the language of fashion, while exploring its mechanisms and strategies.


Zaffjan is the musical alter ego of Fabian Reichle, a multimedia artist based in Amsterdam. For Simmer, Zaffjan will sing covered and self-written songs that mostly deal with unspoken wishes that distract him from living. He tells stories about daydreaming, about unrequited love, about being delusional and about the consequences thereof.

Karin Iturralde

“I moved away from a gated neighborhood in Guayaquil and ended up in Amsterdam which seems to be the same, on a larger scale. I must be either a tourist en una urbanización cerrada or the official guardia de seguridad of Amsterdam.” Karin Iturralde has naturally been drawn to explore public spaces since she started moving within European countries. Her practices are translated or documented with videos and photos but are also starting points for narrations. To see other works of her you can visit Tilde or Rietveld’s Grad show. Karin is a fellow contributor to the Collectibles #16 & #17.