Pictorial Candi + Délage

6 May - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20:00 - €8 - Free for members

fOREVER TILL YOU DIE is an ode to teenage years. The album’s inconsistency of guitar chimes switchin’ to synth leads are all being formed into one by a dreamy voice. It feels like endless youth and who doesn’t like that? It’s an experience you haven’t had before: exciting, you might even be afraid of what’s comin’ next. And when that next moment arrives, you can’t explain it. But music isn’t always something to explain; just enjoy it. fOREVER TILL YOU DIE is Dream Pop and luckily it’s a dream you can return to anytime you feel like it. Before Pictorial Candi, get seduced by Délage as support.

Pictorial Candi