20 October - s105, Amsterdam
20:00 - €10 - Free for members

We miss you, but the safety and health of our community is at the top of our priorities right now. Please visit and read this page before attending our events.

We’re employing our space, the s105, to the objective of bringing people together under one and the same roof, where a safe environment is reassured as much as possible. A place that aims to be comfortable, yet ever-changing. In this framework we’ve sketched above, we invite you to Oklou at the s105.

Let’s peer into the horizon together…
March 10th, 2021: you, us, and Oklou.

Oklou has been working on conceptualizing an emotional rebirth of hers with her latest mixtape ‘Galore’. The composition of her music has evolved from hazy R&B tunes to emotionally-charged, cinematic flows mixed with very ethereal keys. Her voice and flow feel like a beautiful dream, one that takes place in nature— as her newest music videos so accurately depict.

There’s much to intake, feel, digest, and enjoy about ‘Galore’. You see, it takes you down a road of epiphanies and feelings that you might have never felt in the past. It’s clear that the combination of low-key pop grandeur and smidges of overarching intimacy are what turn the page into Oklou’s new sound. It’s a sound that is not only new to her, but new to us too. It’s with great pleasure that we have these months in advance to savor it while we await her live show at the s105.

Together we will dive into a deeper look and understanding of ‘Galore’, which Oklou describes as making her feel alive, unlike ever before. Let’s meddle in the middle, and in time, while we wait for a live show by Oklou.

Tickets are free for members and €10 for non-members. But, unfortunately all free spots are currently taken. Everyone who has a spots has received an email. Do you wish to be placed on the waiting list, for if someone cancels their reservation, please send an email to with ‘Oklou’ in the subject line + your name in the email.