Negative Gemini + Giek_1

10 October - Sugarfactory, Amsterdam
20.00 - €12,50 - Free for members

Every family has its quirky kid and conventional music industry has an underground daughter. Negative Gemini is the princess of genre-smashing electronic beats fused with heartfelt drums and intoxicating vocals. Her one-woman band embodies a feverish dream of beautiful style experimentation that draws from 90s techno nostalgia, Britney Spears, pure electronics and hardcore breakbeats. Her latest release Bad Baby is a 25-minute journey down the road of love, lost innocence, and the self-assertion that overcomes such human struggles. Negative Gemini’s sound and lyrics narrate an ambivalent story of eeriness that can pierce your heart, of hopeful catharsis reached through agony, and we advise you to name the date of 10 October in your calendar as ‘the day otherworldliness took over’.

Negative Gemini