Magic Island + Ohslo

26 February - Mediamatic, Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

So we’ve gone ahead and booked our dream holiday: Magic Island is where it’s at. Canadian-born Emma Czerny’s given us Wasted Dawn & Intoxicated Sunset and her first full-length, Like Water, is well on its way. The first taste of that is ‘Alchemy‘, and as self described by Czerny herself, that sip is like ‘drinking in hopes of release but becoming a monster. Sacrificing yourself. The song is haunting, a dream rap lullaby’. It starts off minimalistic and all in all remains that way, but every second passing her voice gets you more under a spell. Gear yourself up to dream away in an intimate Magic Island night, beginning with Ohslo’s silky sounds.

Magic Island