L.A.N. – The Belgium Edition

15 April - Melkweg, Amsterdam
20.00 - €10 - Free for members

Recovered from the L.A.N. Party? Dying for more? We thought so, and prepared for your thirst for more. We’re teaming up with Melkweg and de Brakke grond for L.A.N.: The Belgium Edition. Highlighting the finest selection of what our Southern neighbors have to offer, the Belgian L.A.N. edition keeps to the concept, featuring the a fine selection from the Belgian underground. The line-up includes the likes of Coely, sprouting on the scene at the young age of 17, but having enjoyed a long run so far. By 22 now, she’s proven herself beyond capable and if you were to ask us, is on her way to stardom. Complemented by none other than Antwerp hero Roman Hiele and Belgium’s cutest, Mittland Och Leo and fastly rising star SKY H1, what possible excuse could keep you from jotting down 15 April in your agenda? Indeed, nothing.

Cocaine Piss


Fluwelen Koord


Joy Wellboy


Mittland Och Leo

Roman Hiele

Sky H1