music & theatre


19 January - OT301, Amsterdam
20.00 - €15 - Free for members

Subbacultcha and We Are Public invite you to Loom: a recurring evening-program that weaves together theatre, performance art, live music and DJ sets. Ginning, opening, cleaning, combing, drawing, spinning, winding, warping, sizing and beaming.

Find yourself twisted between the gracefully exploding music of Lauren Duffus, the noisy, fragile and heavily amplified ‘Cesuur’ by Boris de Klerk, the exploratory performance entitled ‘The Well’ by Fernanda Libman or the hypnotic DJ sets of Cobahn and Derozan. Explore bits of the program for the first edition below.

Loom is free for Subbacultcha and We Are Public members.
– Subbacultcha members can reserve their ticket by sending an email here with ‘Loom’ in the subject line + your name in the text.
– We Are Public members can reserve their tickets here.
– Regular tickets are €15 and can be purchased here.

Lauren Duffus

Lauren Duffus is an experimental producer, who’s collage-like music “explodes gracefully”. It’s melancholic, sci-fi, dubby, chopped and stretched.

Boris de Klerk & Olivier Herter – Thank You

“THANK YOU is a presentation by Bors de Klerk & Olivier Herter on their research on ‘measurable time’ versus ’emotionally-experienced time’. In other words: clock time versus momentum. The research was conducted in isolation, residing in Subbacultcha’s beloved s105 from 13 January until 13 February 2020. Boris and Olivier created the performance by use of a time-bound medium, within a time-bound process, and pre-determined and scheduled their entire work process hour by hour. A rigidity that’s slowly becoming the norm in arts. By doing so, the duo wanted to find out what forms of freedom and what kind of momentum can arise within a process as rigid as this.”


Fernanda Libman – The Well

Fernanda Libman, who’s work exists in the dialogue between audio and matter will perform ‘The Well’, wherein Libman explores how time passes through the body. “I ask myself what is using my body to get concrete. What are the forces that don’t own form and that needs my materiality in order to manifest. Time passes through my body and narrative happens.”


Cobahn’s organic and hypnotic DJ sets are influenced by the “awe-inspiring mother nature”. 


Derozan is one half of SU2IDYA, and delves into the off-beat, off-kilter side of things.