Music + Dance

Loom #3

31 August - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam
20.00 - €15 - Free for members

For the third edition of Loom, Subbacultcha and We Are Public invite you to the Posthoornkerk on the Haarlemmerstraat. Underneath the towering archs of the monumental church we present concerts by Sarahsson and Bobbie, and a dance performance by Elisa Zuppini. Get familiar with the program below.

Loom is a recurring evening-program that weaves together theatre, performance art, live music and DJ sets. “Ginning, opening, cleaning, combing, drawing, spinning, winding, warping, sizing and beaming.”

Loom is free for Subbacultcha and We Are Public members.
– Subbacultcha members can reserve a ticket by sending an email here with ‘Loom’ in the subject line + your name in the text.
– We Are Public members can reserve their tickets here.
– Regular tickets are €15 and can be purchased here.


The work of composer, producer, performance artist and DJ Sarahsson is “a visceral expression of divine queerness and her experience with synaesthesia.” On The Horgenaith, Sarahsson blends bliss of the natural world with stone cold oscillations and harsh-noise. Elements of classical music are placed next to metal, experimental electronics and hardcore. On the emotional backdrop of her music, Sarahsson says: “I’m trying to reach a very specific feeling. One tiny point in the middle of a nuclear explosion where everything happens all at once, bittersweet and fierce, a moment when opposites collide into one. The nexus point.” 

Elisa Zuppini:
Synthetic Disjunctions

In Synthetic Disjunctions the maker and solo performer Elisa Zuppini explores dance as a visual and textural manifestation. She utilizes her body to encapsulate the experience of dancing into forms as ‘abstract objects’. Aware that this very experience is irrepressible, she enlightens the excess that remains uncontainable.

– We have to figure out the body as a texture in space, that creates new gravitational forces –

Constantly operating in a friction between withhold and manifestation, Zuppini gives life to a series of embodied forms like living objects. Something eerie is activated in space and an irregular architecture unfolds by default as a result of internal relational logic.


“Bobbie is a designer and musician who loves to play around with subtle details. She delicately shuffles around until it’s pretty enough for her. She started off making poems for her most liked YouTube video’s she found in the middle of night, and ended up making music. With influences of folk, hip hop, jazz, ambient pop, she mixes and matches until hearts start beating faster.”