L.A.N. – The Belgium Edition: Pre-Party

18 March - Brakke Grond, Amsterdam + s105 (De School), Amsterdam
14.30 & 20.00 - €8 - Free for members

Before our L.A.N.: The Belgium Edition, we want to give you a taste of the fine cuisine of artists our Southern neighbour has to offer. We’ll make sure your Saturday afternoon and evening is filled with stuff to do. Who said weekends couldn’t be informative? Don’t know, but this one will be. Only thing for you to do is to be at Brakke Grond, afterwards hop on your bike for a breath of fresh air and head to s105 (De School).

Part 1: Brakke Grond from 14.30 till 18.00

First we’re hostin’ a couple of in depth talks with our companions from Brakke Grond and Poppunt. Feel at home and get into the masterminds of artists, it’s an intriguing place to explore. We’re pairing up two Dutch and Belgian artists, to discuss what their experiences are when trying to set foot at the other side of their musical border. Beloved moderators of the day are Vincent Reinders (22tracks) and Rachella Groen (Rachel Green, BLiP Agency). Don’t leave us too soon, there’ll be a DJ for you to enjoy some beers and fries before you’re headin’ to Part 2 at s105 (De School).

Part 2: s105 (De School) from 20.00 till 00.00

We’ve got this cozy place at De School: s105. After some informative talks at Brakke Grond, we’ll cuddle up with you to enjoy the sights of Belgium’s underground. We’ve got two artists stirring up the landscape: Samuelspaniel and Kassett, known for their collaborative digital imprint Midlife Music, and more. Get ready for some ambient, mysterious, off beat music.

**make your way to s105 (De School)  for part two by Abel with your €10 discount via special promocode abel-subbacultcha**