King Dick + Toto Boroto + Kieff + Iguana Death Cult DJ team

10 February - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

Are you ready to feel the king dick beat? This is not a sexual innuendo but the solo project of Antwerp-based Wim De Busser. This multitalented and versatile musician, after establishing his name within the Antwerp Jazz scene for playing in the Wim de Busser Quartet, is ready to show us his alter-ego King Dick. Although King Dick’s music cannot be pinned down into a single genre, the songs are catchy stimulating our feet to dance. ‘More than being just a new sound, it wants to be a symbol for all non-conformist voices that remain unheard in today’s society’. The fresh third album, KDIII is out on January 26 and we’ve organised a party at s105 to celebrate its release.

King Dick