Wanna be part of the Subbacultcha community and contribute to our shows in a special way? Join our SuB&B programme! Here’s how it works:

Problem: The bands we host need to sleep. We often book them a hotel, but hotels are expensive, generic and boring.
Solution: We are setting up SuB&B. A warm and welcoming home stay-programme supported by the Subbacultcha community
You have the key: So, do you want to host a band in your place from time to time? Please let us know.
You’ll be an important part Amsterdam’s thriving music scene and you’ll help us to keep booking those great shows. And hey! Musicians are generally very nice people with kind hearts and creative minds. Need we say more? In return, we offer you €50 breakfast money per visit and a Subbacultcha membership for life.
Please send us an email at and we’ll be in touch.