Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith + Fenna Fiction

22 November - Melkweg, Amsterdam
20.00 - €10 + Melkweg membership

We’re so looking forward to Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith enchanting us with her Buchla Music Easel. This analog synth, made of a colourful cord-laced interface, produces tactile sounds that take the listener to an unexplored primordial natural state. Her intergalactic new album The Kid, which comes out on October 6 under Western Vinyl, and her last full-length EP Ears have placed Aurelia Smith in the radar of the most exciting and acclaimed experimental artists of the last two years. Her music’s a combination of electronic synths and organic instruments, taking the listener through a synesthetic journey made of sounds and visuals. Can’t wait to close our eyes and, abandoning ourselves to Aurelia Smith’s sounds, travel together through the different stages of life hand in hand with our inner child. Also, Fenna Fiction will join us as a support for the night.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Fenna Fiction