John Moods + Goodnight Moonlight

6 October - s105 (De School), Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

John Moods is the solo music exploration – in every sense of the word – by Jonathan Jarzyna of Fenster. His debut album, The Essential John Moods, took shape during a summer-long hike along the Iberian coast. Accompanied solely by a mini-guitar, an iPhone with a copy of Garageband and his own shadow, John Moods recorded songs each evening as he arrived in a new town after a day of strolling across the shoreline. The relic of this lonesome excursion is a travelogue reflecting on themes of existentialism, guided by stunning instrumentation. Support for the night will come from Rotterdam’s dreampop band Goodnight Moonlight, whose Letters to Japan EP about moving, escaping, growing up and coming back is up for pre-order now ; )

John Moods

Goodnight Moonlight