Horses In the Void #6 (Postponed, Date TBA)

20 March - Garage Noord, Amsterdam
23.00 - €9 - Free for members

Due to the current health situation in The Netherlands all our events until the 6th of April are being discontinued as a precautionary measure, until further notice. We’re as sad as you are and we’re trying our damn best to reschedule the postponed concerts and events! We’ll reach out to you with more news ASAP. All purchased tickets will remain valid for the events on new dates. If you’re unable to make it or want to have your ticket reimbursed, please send an email to

#6. It’s been a while, but welcome back into the void. A place echoing from our journey in search of just the right amount of chaos. To lead us on this quest, we welcome NAKED, Buga & Snufkin. A night that promises to be as disturbing as it’s rewarding and freeing. Brutal, visceral and turned to a deafening volume. Rest of the line-up TBA.




Rest of the line-up TBA!