Fringe Festival – The Imperial Armpits

7 September - De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
22.00 - €12,50 - Free for members

With six years of performing on the dance floor in the rear-view mirror, the interdisciplinary club collective The Imperial Armpits – or TIA – moves out of the dim-light of the club and climbs on the theater stage, where they get confronted by their own Armpit-identity. A club performance in a theater hall should be interesting on its own, but what really pulled us on board was their motto: “We sweat, we spread, let our your inner juice…”

Since we don’t want you to miss this, our members get free access to The Imperial Armpits’ show “This is a City Near the Sea, But No Boats Visible Only Sweat”, for Fringe Festival. Note: the show is on for multiple dates, but our members get free access on 7 September.