FOTODOK: Who’s in Control? – Exploring new narratives of power

23 Nov - 24 Feb - FOTODOK, Utrecht
Free for members

Our lives are guided and influenced by latent structures, underlying societal changes. The Truman Show, IRL. Many structures of power are completely intangible or too abstract to wrap your head around. So… who’s in control?

FOTODOK presents ‘Who’s in Control? – Exploring new narratives of power’, a photography exhibition featuring (inter)national artists trying to uncover invisible and incomprehensible structures, that are steering our lives. Flash trading, internet algorithms, moral panics, conspiracy theories and populism are all abstract and obscured in terms of time and place, but their effects are far-reaching. Think of the influence of fake news and the political denial of climate change. Invisible powers and invisible revolutions require visibility to understand, resist and embrace.

Who’s in Control?