Exploded View + Lewsberg

19 August - De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
20.00 - €10 - Free for members

So it started in 2014. German singer Anika (Invada Records / Stones Throw) was in Mexico for a show and needed a band. With a little help from some friends a new formation grew into being and it was “love at first sight (via some passive aggression)”. That’s the story of Exploded View: a band dedicated to performing fully live, fully improvised and first takes only. Their sound is far from polished. Self described as post-punk,sour-kraut, it’s just the right bit disruptive and we can’t wait to jump right in! The tightly-knit crew of musicians in Rotterdam have mixed and mingled resulting in the formation of Lewsberg, featuring members of Bonne Aparte, Sweat Tongue, Satan’s Finger, Boring Pop and Venus Tropicaux.

Exploded View