De Curieuze Club: Normality in a Fictional Reality

9 May - De Brakke Grond
17.00 - €9 - Free for members

Together with Unseen, De Curieuze Club zooms in on the role of fiction in photography, specifically in the context of the exhibition Camille Picquot. Curator Amelie’s research focuses on the power of fiction in photography and how it regulates our image or perception of reality in general. She questions her own curiosity while she also puts the viewer in front of a block: what is our position?

De Curieuze Club (EN: The Curious Club) formulates a contemporary, uncompromising view on fine arts in de Brakke Grond. Together with partners and communities, we unravel visual power by means of text, poetry, music and theory.

Subbacultcha members can visit this collaborative event for free. To view more of Camille’s work follow the link here

All de Curieuze Club’s – including Subbacultcha’s experiment with ambient and art 12 May – are Free for Members.

Learn more via de Brakke Grond’s website.