Ambient or noise? The Pace of Viewing

14 April - De Brakke Grond
15.00 - €11 - Free for members

“In the images of Camille Picquot, we’re witnessing a moment of daily life. There’s an air of self-conscious scrutiny. The viewer builds a narrative through the suggestive, almost comprising attitude of the strangers depicted.”

In an interview with the program director of the exhibition, the duality between film and photography, reality and fiction becomes very clear. Subbacultcha adds an audible layer to the suggestive images of Camille Picquot. Questioning pace, the viewing experience and the value of music. Do you look at photography in a different way when you’re listening to ambient music? Are there other things that strike you in a picture, when the gallery space is filled with noise? Three soundscapes performed by Pyruvic Acid, Zachte Man and third, yet to be confirmed artist, will set the tone for this new viewing experiment. 

To view more of Camille’s work follow the link here

Pyruvic Acid

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