De Curieuze Club: Ambient or noise? The Pace of Viewing

12 May - De Brakke Grond
15.00 - €9 - Free for members

“In the images of Camille Picquot, we’re witnessing a moment of daily life. There’s an air of self-conscious scrutiny. The viewer builds a narrative through the suggestive, almost comprising attitude of the strangers depicted.”

In an interview with the program director of the exhibition, the duality between film and photography, reality and fiction becomes very clear. Subbacultcha adds an audible layer to the suggestive images of Camille Picquot. Questioning pace, the viewing experience and the value of music. Do you look at photography in a different way when you’re listening to ambient music? Are there other things that strike you in a picture, when the gallery space is filled with noise? Three soundscapes performed by Pyruvic Acid, Zachte Man and Kim David Bots, will set the tone for this new viewing experiment. 

To view more of Camille’s work follow the link here

Pyruvic Acid

pyruvic acid is the alias of Mata Hari, an artist deeply intrigued with non-music originating sounds who’s work charts the expression of human voice. In her sonic embraces, among other, she aims to highlight the beauty of dissonance. Parallel to studying at Royal Conservatory in The Hague, the artist made chronic appearances on Strange Sounds From Beyond radio show together with her parter behind the decks Luca. To add some more, to pyruvic acid “providing an ever changing song to make this world bearable is all that matters”.

Zachte Man

The second soundscape will be presented by Zachte Man. In his work, the Groningen’s producer and composer fluidly shifts through styles and sounds, continuously surprising the listeners with how immensely versatile his approach to music is. With his performance during Subbacultcha’s OOST • Eurosonic event-night still vividly in our minds, we know we can expect the most unconventional.

Kim David Bots

A visual artist and sublime clarinet player, Kim’s spellbinding auditory landscapes conjure duel feelings of desolation and ecstasy. Wrap your ears around some shimmering samples, fluid woodwind and eclectic chords.


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