Communions + First Hate

11 July

Wading the same murky waters as fellow Posh Isolation-ists, Copenhagen quartet Communions excel at that curious brand of downtroden, rebellious punk practiced to the likes of Iceage and Lower, albeit with a few more pop hooks and jangles. They bring along another Danish act in form of synth pairing First Hate.

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Copenhagen four-piece Communions share rehearsal space with Iceage, and publishing space with some of the most fervent, bleak punks and power electronics artists out there: Posh Isolation. Seemingly springing into the blogosphere from nowhere in January, their noisy combination of rough, reverberated treble and oddly sunny melodies promises to carve a niche that will spend some months evading the term ‘icy’ in reviews.
Equal targets of that pesky ‘icy’ epithet, fellow Copenhageners First Hate are not, despite their name, the angrier of the two bands. At least, their anger is filtered down through Knife-ish synthscapes and alongside videos of robed forest processions, fire and boobs. Throw in some blurry echoes of Eurodance and you’re left with an impressively individual take on dark synth pop.