Collectibles Cocktail Club Online 3

19 Feb - 21 Feb - s105 / at your home
13.00 - Free for members

We’re pleased to announce the third, and final, Collectibles Cocktail Club. The chain of Subbacultcha Collectibles has come to its pre-destined conclusion. We have reached the Otherside. To commemorate this occasion, we will broadcast the final exhibition of Subbacultcha Collectibles from the s105 on the weekend of the 12th of February, featuring commentary from the makers.

You can enter the Collectibles Cocktail Club here.



11. In A Lighthouse by Haron Aumaj
12. Drawing Guide for Nice View by Nicolai Schmelling
13. Bevrijd by Meetsysteem
14. If I were I by LazerGazer (Hala Namer)
15. I Become We by Janneke van der Putten
16. So Light Of Foot by Feline Hjermind
17. The Bronze Age by Jean-Baptiste Castel
18. Sisyphus by Fallon Does
19. Love Dome by Pien Kars
20. Untitled by Kexin Hao


Subbacultcha’s Collectibles have taken a myriad of forms in their relatively short lifespan. They found their genesis in times of quarantine; hoping to make homebound life a bit more beautiful by sending you monthly packages of printed pieces. Developing along with time, the project has now evolved into a chain-reaction of creative responses. Twenty artists have produced unique pieces of art over a period of 5 months in response to their preceding artist.

Collectibles became multi-dimensional: print, online, sound, no sound, video, the like and the unlike. This asked for a different presentation. A presentation with different faces.

If you have any questions, critiques, remarks or suggestions, please reach out to us via, a direct message or via our anonymous communication channel