Cocaine Piss + Bonne Aparte + Red Brut + DJ Project X Haren DJ

20 October - s105, De School, Amsterdam
20.00 - €8 - Free for members

Cocaine Piss are what happens when you grab people from different bands who like different music. It sounds like a flawed plan, right? Well, somehow they’ve made it work. You can expect short songs which spike with bursts of dirty punk and noise rock, fronted by a formidable female, but the rest is still in the air. Originating in Liège, they’re following the footpath of punk legends Hiatus, but in honesty, it seems fairer to say they’re re-stamping it into a new direction. Rotterdam’s Bonne Aparte support the night, escorting concentrated songs filled with noise & feedback. Noise out of Rotterdam doesn’t stop there, with the addition of Red Brut to the bill. Between the bands DJ Project X Haren DJ will spin some records. He is like a rainbow in a cave: always on time and easy with the atmosphere. And he likes Willibrord Frequin a lot. So at least he is 66,6% a good guy.

Cocaine Piss

Bonne Aparte

Red Brut